Posted by: adbhutam | November 20, 2018

Selections from Baudhayana Gruhya Sutras

Selections from Baudhayana Gruhya Sutras
The Baudhayana Sutras are a group of Vedic Sanskrit texts which cover dharma, daily ritual, mathematics, etc. They belong to the Taittiriya branch of the Krishna Yajurveda school and are among the earliest texts of the sutra genre.
This article on the Baudhayana Grihya Sutras focuses on select portions from the text, with specific focus on various deities as specified in the Sutras.  This study has relevance to followers of Vedanta, especially Advaitins, for their practices match the ones contained in the Bodhayana text.
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  1. Do any Grihya Sutra or Smriti allow the purusha sukta to be chanted as an eulogy for Shiva?

    • While I do not remember the exact text, Sri Appayya Dikshita has said that the upasthana Mantra that is chanted at the end of the Rudra Homa is the Purusha sukta.

      The Suta Samhita (Skanda Purana) also says that Devas addressed Shiva praising him chanting the Purusha sukta.

      There are other references to across the itihasa and purana literature.

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