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A new Kannada book with the title ‘Sri Vidyāraṇya Vijaya Dundubhi’  has been published recently.  This book, authored by Sri.G.R.Patil, Dharwad, Karnataka, is a third in the line of books on the topic of a supposed debate between the Madhva pontiff Sri Akshobhya Tirtha and Sri Vidyaranya.  The author has strongly denied the very event.  The first book ‘Akshobhya Vijaya Vibhrama’ evoked a lot of reactions and was followed by ‘Sri Vidyāraṇya viṣayaka ākṣepa nirāsa’ and the present book is the third.

The present book is primarily a rejoinder to Sri Raghuvijaya Tirtha of Sri Kudali Arya Akshobhya Tirtha Maṭha, repudiating the objections raised by him on the first book.  It also rejects the views of, and answers the doubts raised by, Sri Viśvanandana Tirtha of Hanosoge Maṭha.  The views of another Madhva are also reviewed and discrepancies thereof disclosed in this new book.

The book of 450 pages in good print is priced at Rs.250 per copy.  Enquiries may be made to: Sri Venkatesh – ph

9036572651, Bangalore.  One may contact this email id too:

A particular section of the book contains invaluable citations from the shruti, smriti and purāṇas on the topic of ‘nirguṇa, niṣkriya, nirākāra’, etc. Brahman.


  1. Another fake event is the ‘debate’ between Appaya Dikshata and an unheard of person called Vijayendra Tirtha.

  2. Sir I am unable to find the book and I don’t understand kannada. Please write an article refuting these points put up by madhwas

    • The book is available as hard copy in Bangalore but it is in Kannada. Someone has translated an earlier version of this book to English but it is yet to be published.

      • If you have time just post a summary sir.

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