Posted by: adbhutam | May 10, 2018

‘Umaa sahasram’ translated to Kannada

Sri KavyakanTha Ganapati Muni’s (who gave the suffix Maharshi to Bhagavan Ramana) ‘Umaasahasram’ translated to Kannada by eminent scholar Vidwan Sri M.E.Rangachar.  I browsed through the book and found it to be very well written. The revered author told me that it is an outcome of tapasya.  It took about five years for him to complete the task. He had to very often seek divine guidance through mantra japa to tackle some tough points in the original. It is a book worth studying by all Kannada knowing people.  Please procure a copy and also spread the message in various groups, among friends, relatives and institutions.


  1. Is it available in English?

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