Posted by: adbhutam | February 24, 2023

Brahman has no default form; Only contextual form

Here we find the Lord Varaha saying this premise of Vedanta in the Varaha Purana:

वराहपुराणम्/अध्यायः १४४

नागभोगोपवीतं च रुद्रमालाधरं प्रभुम् ।।

अरूपमपि सर्वेशं भक्तेच्छोपात्तविग्रहम् ।।२४।।

Though formless, this Lord (Shiva) assumes form according to the will of the devotees.

This premise is acceptable only to Advaita Vedantis. For others this theory of Veda/Vedavyasa is opposing.

Shankaracharya’s quote in Brahma Sutra Bhasya:

स्यात्परमेश्वरस्यापि इच्छावशात् मायामयं रूपं साधकानुग्रहार्थम् । (1.1.vii.20)

Brahman, who is essentially formless, assumes various illusory forms to grace the respective seekers.

Shiva sculpture, Dieng Plateau in Java, Indonesia:

See an image here:


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