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Bhagavati Uma in Advaita : a brief study – By Sri Natraj Maneshinde

Bhagavati Uma in Advaita : a brief study

The upasana of Bhagavati has always had a revered place in the Advaita sampradaya. This is evidenced in the importance given to the worship of Shri Chakra in the matha-s of Advaita tradition. Acharya Bhagavatpada himself was a devout Devi-upasaka. His love for the form of Devi can be seen in his Kenopanishad bhashya on the akhyayika of Uma-haimavati. The subsequent Advaitian Acharyas have also expressed their fondness for Bhagavati Uma’s form in their works.

A humble attempt has been made here to collect evidences on Bhagavati Uma in the commentarial literature of Advaita sampradaya. From this brief study, we will understand how Bhagavati Uma is understood in our sampradaya from a tattvik point of view. There are certain claims which aim at segregating Bhagavatpada from Devi-upasana. On going through the said evidences, the futility of such claims will also be realized.

Here is a brief outline on the contents of the document:

1) Identity of Yaksha and Bhagavati Uma based on the Kena Pada and Vakya bhashya of Bhagavatpada

2) An insight into the tattvik nature of Uma as described in the tika of Acharya Anandagiri

3) References from Kenopanishad Deepika and Atma-purana of Shri Shankaranada Saraswati ji

4) ‘Shiva himself manifests as Uma’ says Shri Vidyaranya Mahaswamiji in his Anubhuti-prakasha

5) Reference from Lalita trishati bhashya

6) Reference from Shri Sayanacharya’s bhashya on Taittiriya Aranyaka

7) Uma tattva in Advaita – a summary with corroboration from Shrimad Devi Bhagavata.

The document can be accessed from the following link :

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