Posted by: adbhutam | August 15, 2020

A few Advaitic tenets in the Narayaniyam of Narayana Bhatta

In the 98th Dashaka of the popular Narayaniyam, we have a few Advaitic tenets that are worth noticing.  
A pdf containing all the shloka-s of this dashaka with English translation and a few images from the commentaries of the Narayaniyam for the relevant verses is uploaded here:

The above images pertain to Narayaneeyam and its commentary. Several Advaitic tenets are brought out clearly in the original verses and the commentary. That the world is akin to a dream, avidya is of rope-snake nature, avidya itself takes the form of the avidya-dispelling vidyaa, the world is negated and Brahman alone remains over, the gold-gold products analogy for the world as an effect of Brahman….

Om Tat Sat

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