Posted by: adbhutam | August 5, 2019

Reply to Sri Bannanje Govindacharya’s remarks


Recently in some Whatsapp groups and FB someone circulated an audio of noted Madhva scholar Sri Bannanje Govindacharya in Kannda. It was clarified later that this audio is only a clipping of a larger one which comprised of his class on a text of his school to his students at home very long ago. What created a furor among followers of Shankaracharya is his remarks on Shankara that one can at once say are unsavory. The gist of his remarks is:

Shankara does not allow/want anyone to question; what he says is to be accepted.

There is no answer to the question ‘whose is avidya?’ in Shankara’s system. The scholar cites a few lines from Shankara’s Gita bhashya 13.2 where a dialogue is used by Shankara to bring out from the questioner’s mouth the answer to the question. However, the scholar aborts the dialogue prematurely and concludes ‘there is no reply to this question.’

Two senior scholars of Advaita have recorded their replies to the above, in Kannada and clarified the matter. In the file uploaded in this URL, I have included all these audios, cited the Gita and Brihadaranyaka Bhashyam, their translation in English and Kannada (from images of Sri SSS’s translation):

Subsequently, a disciple of Sri Bannanje Acharya has released an audio in reply to the above rejoinders, in Kannada. However, he has not touched on the core matter but meandered into various other topics. I have not referred to this in the above file.

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  1. I feel sorry for that ‘scholar’s’ students. Their implicit faith in him has been misused by the said person.

    Later day ‘vedantic’ schools of thought seem to contain more abuse rather than any meaningful substance.

    Kind Regards

    • Very true. All that could be said on Vedanta had already been said by Shankara and nothing substantial was left for others. So they based their discourse on abusing Shankara and his Bhashyas.

  2. Sir excellent work, can you please post the link for the reply by the student of Bannanje Govindacharya?

  3. 1. I dont see anything wrong in what Bannanje Govindacharya has said. If you see the Gita bhashya of Shankaracharya of the said verse. It clearly says what Bannanje is trying to convey.
    2. The question of “Who has avidya” is not answered by Shankaracharya also.

    • The article has been written not ‘without seeing Shankara Bhashya.’ One will have to study the Shankara Prasthana traya bhashya under a qualified teacher to understand the topic.

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