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Some interesting excerpts from Uttara KaanDa of Ramayana  

Some interesting excerpts from Uttara KaanDa of Ramayana

In the Valmiki Ramayana, Uttara Kanda, the great event of Ashvamedha Yaga performed by Rama is described in very great detail. A few selections from this episode are given in the article that is available here:




  1. ओन्नमश्शिवाय​। 🙏🏼

    धर्मे तत्परता मुखे मधुरता दाने समुत्साहता
    मित्रेऽवञ्चकता गुरौ विनयता चित्तेऽतिमभीरता।
    आचारे शुचिता गुणे रसिकता शास्त्रेषु विज्ञानता
    रूपे सुन्दरता शिवे भजनता त्वय्यस्ति भो राघव ॥ १२-१५


    In चाणक्यनीतिः, आचार्यः चाणक्यः says श्रीरामः is virtuous in dharma, has sweetness in speech, alacrity in giving, i.e., great liberality, guileless dealings with friends, humility in the presence of guru, deep tranquillity of mind, pure conduct, discernment of virtues, realized knowledge of the Śāstrāṇi, beauty of form and devotion to Śiva are all found in you. O rāghava

    • चित्तेऽतिगम्भीरता or चित्तेऽपि गम्भीरता
      There’s a printing mistake in the PDF over there.

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