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Sayanacharya refers to Prapanchasara as that of Shankaracharya

Sayanacharya refers to Prapanchasara as that of Shankaracharya

In the Parasara maadhaviya, a commentary to the Parasara Smriti, Sayanacharya makes a mention of the Prapanchasara, widely believed to be the a work of Shankaracharya:

P.74 of the pdf of the Parasara Smriti Vol.I part 1.

Sayanacharya says above: Hence alone has been said by the Acharya (he uses the plural instrumental case in respectful reference to Shankaracharya) in the Prapanchasara……The cited verse is indeed found in the Prapanchasara: 19.35.

Sayanacharya is admitted to be of the 14th Century CE. Before him, Sri Amalananda, the author of the famous Kalpataru (a commentary on the Bhamati of  Vachaspati Misara), in the 13th Centry CE has authenticated the Prapanchasara as that of Shankaracharya in the Kalpataru.

Much later, Sri Narayana Bhattatri, in his Narayaneeyam, has mentioned this work as that of Shankara, by alluding to it as ‘mantra saastra’.

We also have a work ‘nrsimha tapinyupanishat bhashya’, attributed to Shankaracharya, where the work Prapanchasara has been mentioned by name and cited several times.  

Also in the commentary to the Mahanarayanopanishat of the Taittiriya Aranyaka, Sayanacharya has cited several verses that depict certain deities, their description, etc. that are used as dhyana shloka for the upasana. These verses are found only in the Prapanchasara. He has not mentioned the name of the work or the epithet ‘Acharya’ to refer to the author, though.   

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  1. Sri Sayanacharya has cited from Prapanchasara in his Mahanarayana Upanishad bhashyam too in his commentary on Rudra gayathri.

    • Thanks. Could you please cite the verse?

  2. Prapanchasara 27.41 sir.

    • Thanks. I shall see it.

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