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Shiva, Vishnu and Devi – Sringeri

(See image below)

The Padmapurana in the Bhagavatam 12 skandha mahatmyam says ‘he is a great Vaishnava who holds the three said above to be Brahman and does not see them as different.’
(See image below)

During abhisheka in Sringeri the Shiva sphatika Linga, a salagrama and Srichakra (red object seen on the plate in the image below) are kept together. This symbolises Shiva, Vishnu and Devi identity.

Vamshidhara, a commentator of the Bhagavatam, has cited the verse from the Padmapurana (see image below).

Sri Appayya Dikshitar in his Ratna Traya Pariksha has given evidence from several scriptural texts for the Parabrahman nature of the divine Trinity.

No photo description available.

No photo description available.


  1. Namaste,

    Thanks very much for your informative post, sir. I would like to add that the Salagrama worshipped is Nrisimha (remember reading it somewhere). In the foreground the picture – is it one of the Venerable Sri. D. S. Subbaramaiyaa?


    • Thanks for your observation. Yes, it is my guru Sri D. S. Subbaramaiya.

      • Blessed to learn, sir. Would be a great boon to the world if you could write a few words on your blog about the great saint.


  2. In case you are asking about my Guru Sri.D.S.Subbaramaiya, there is good material to read amidst the many posts titled ‘Sringeri Days’ that were serialized in FB. If possible, I shall cull out those and compile them here.

    • Thanks very much, sir. Namaskaram.

  3. Are any english translations of Appaya Dikshitar’s ‘Ratna traya Pariksha’ available online?

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