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A unique verse of Vachaspati Misra invoking five deities

Here the invocation of various deities by Vachaspati Misra (841 CE) is given along with an explanatory gloss: The deities are: Shiva, Aditya, Ganapati, Gowri (non-different from Saraswati) and Vishnu. The five-fold deity invocation is in line with the Panchayatana puja method following by the non-vaishnavite vaidikas. If it is asked ‘What about Kartikeya, the inclusion of whom would make up for the six-fold deity method of the ShaNmata-s?’, the reply is Vachaspati Misra has included Subrahmanya in his invocation to the Bhamati: The word ‘Tilakaswami’ refers to Subrahmanya, Kartikeya.

From the above we come to know that the practice of worshiping many deities was in vogue among vaidika-s. The verse of Vachaspati Misra in the Tattvabindu shown above assumes great significance as it has been cited as an invocation by Jagadguru Sri Abhinava Vidyatirtha Mahaswaminah of Sringeri Peetham in an article He had penned on Shankara Bhagavatpada during his early days. The article is available in a compilation, in English translation in a book titled ‘Didactic Discourses’ published by the Sri Vidyatirtha Foundation, Chennai.

Om Tat Sat


  1. शिवं शैवा वदेत्येनं प्रधानं सांख्यवेदिनः ।।
    योगिनः पुरुषं विप्राः कर्म मीमांसका जनाः ।। ८२-५६ ।।

    विभे वैशेषिकाद्याश्च विच्छक्तिं शक्तिचिंतकाः ।।
    ब्रह्माद्वितीयं तद्वंदे नानारूपक्रियास्पदम् ।। ८२-५७ ।।

    भक्तिर्‌भगवतः पुंसां भगवद्रूपकारिणी ।।
    तां लब्ध्वा चापरं लाभं को वांछति विना पशुम् ।। ८२-५८ ।।

    ~Narada Purana Uttara bhaga ch 82

    • Many thanks for these wonderful verses. I see some errors in the print. Could you pl. check these from an original Sanskrit only text and present these verses? Regards.

      • ओन्नमश्शिवाय​। 🙏🏼

        Few months back I have already shared these verses via WhatsApp. There’s only 1 mistake I have found mahodaya i.e., in the 57th verse
        It has to be विभुं वैशेषिकाद्याश्च, I haven’t verified but I have understood that it is correct as it has to be in द्वितीया

  2. Thanks for the response. Yes, vibhum is the correct word there. शिवं शैवा वदेत्येनं = वदन्त्येनं विच्छक्तिं चिच्छक्तिं

    • Yeah true mahodaya, It’s चित् शक्तिम् (चिच्छक्तिम्) & also vadanti.

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