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Moksha KaanDa of Lakshmidhara’s (early 12th century CE) ‘Krtya Kalpataru’

Moksha KaanDa of Lakshmidhara’s (early 12th century CE) ‘Krtya Kalpataru’

The Moksha KANDa is one, the last, of the 14 volumes compiled by Lashmidhara Bhatta in his Dharma Shaastra nibandhana. Like the AdhyAtma paTala of the Apastamba Dharma sutras, but much larger in volume, the Moksha KANDa is full of Advaitic concepts and has several parallels with Shankaracharya’s bhashyas, which are shown in this selection. While the entire Moksha kANDa is much larger, this selection aims at showing only certain aspects pertaining to Advaita and concepts that are not opposed to Advaita.

By studying this Moksha KANDa, it turned out that this book is easily worthy of being prescribed as a study text in a Vedanta teaching institution. A study of this very valuable text by mumukshus, under a qualified Acharya, would also be of great benefit in Advaita sadhana.

The file, of about 60 pages, with many images, explanations, citations from the Bhashya of Shankara, etc. is available here as a downloadable pdf:

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  1. Seem like Lost verses of the Brahma purana. I’m unable to locate them in the currently available version of the text.

    • The post is about a Smriti text, on Dharma shastra.

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