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Vishnu, donning the Bhasma Tripundra, meditates on Shiva – Harivamsha

This post is a citation of the preface to a book in Kannada by Mahamahopadhyaya (late) Sri Ranganatha Sharma in Kannada. He has cited verses from Harivamsha, etc. to show that if people, owing to ignorance or ill-disposition, think Shiva is someone lesser than Vishnu, the cited verses dispel such an attitude. One verse, from Harivamsha he has cited is:

भास्वत्त्रिपुण्ड्रो भसितैः सितः सन्
मौनी जटी वल्कलवान् मुकुन्दः |
निरन्तरं चेतसि चन्द्रचूडं
विचिन्तयन् पञ्च जजाप वर्णान् || [Reference not given]

[Mukunda, donning the tripundra with bhasma, bright, observing mauna, with matted hair and clad in bark dress, incessantly thinking of Chandrachuda in his mind, chanted the panchAkshari – namaH shivaaya.]

Readers may share the images with their Kannada-knowing friends.

He has also cited a verse from the Lingapurana:

सूत उवाच।।
एवं स्तुत्वा महादेवं दंडवत्प्रणिपत्य च।। [alt: कृत्वा पाशुपतं व्रतम्]
जजाप रुद्रं भगवान्कोटिवारं जले स्थितः।। ७१.९८ ।।

Lord Vishnu, having saluted and praised Rudra, prostrated to him by completely laying his body to the ground. Vishnu stood in water and chanted the Sri Rudra japa a crore times. This reminds us of a Vaidika Shiva Bhakta of the Tamil land, named ‘Rudra Pasupathi Naayanar’ : and a short Tamil documentary on Sri Rudra Pasupathy Nayanar: is astounding is that Lord Vishnu adopted the same method of chanting the Sri Rudram (Shatarudriyam of the Krishna Yajur Veda which is extremely popular among smarta-s alone) in praise of Shiva alone ] by standing in the water just as the Tamil Vaidika Saint who has attained immortality both ways: in his own life and in the Tamil History called Periya Puranam.

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The preface of MM Sri Ranganatha Sharma was for a book on the Shiva Sahasra Nama of the Mahabharata which was translated by another eminent scholar of Advaita Sri Sheshachala Sharma who taught in the Govt. Jayachamarajendra Sanskrit College, Bengaluru.  This was translated to English and published by the Chinmaya Mission:

One can read the preface in the above link in English.  The book, in English can be purchased by visiting the above link. 

The Harivamsha verse cited above is not to be found in the extant editions of the Harivamsha on the internet. Those that are not on the internet have not been searched. It is to be noted that the BORI when preparing the critical edition of the Harivamsha has said that it has examined not less than 36 manuscripts.  That shows that there have been countless manuscripts in vogue in the ancient times. 

Those desirous of reading the preface of MM Sri Ranganatha Sharma in his original Kannada may visit:



 Om Tat Sat


  1. Dear Sir,

    Harivamsha purana has more than one instance where Krishna is worshipping or praising Shiva.

    Here is one: or

    A second one here:

    You will also find this full chapter very interesting, especially some of the shlokas (like 2-125-29 or 2-125-31) where Brahma & Markandeya see Shiva & Vishnu as one and same: or

    • Thanks for the references, Vardhan. I shall check those links. Regards.

  2. Dhanyavaadaaha!.pranaamaaha!. Haraha smaraharo bhargaha(kosa).

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