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A small selection from the Brihat Brahma Samhita (Part of Narada Pancharatram)

A small selection from the Brihat Brahma Samhita (Part of Narada Pancharatram)

The post, containing images, on the above topic is available here:

It is relevant to Advaita in the sense that ‘mAyAvAda’ is delineated and also criticized in the text.



  1. But this portion of Narada Pancharatra should be interpolated right?

  2. I see no reason to think so since the work being a Vaishnava one, it is quite possible that a criticism of Advaita, Shiva’s ways, etc. are found there, in the spirit of ‘na hi nindA nyAya.’ Unless we are able to trace an authentic edition of this work without this section, we can’t go by the interpolation theory.

  3. I know you had uploaded about the criticism of Pancharatra from Parasara Upa-Purana. Do you know anywhere in the Shaiva Shakata Agamas or any other puranas criticizing Pancharatra?

  4. That would be an interesting search. I am not aware of such pancharatra ninda in Shaiva / Shakta agamas as I have not even seen them cursorily. While reading the elaborate criticism of Advaita in the Brihat Brahma Samhita, though, I got a feeling that it could be a more later work authored by someone who has studied the Advaitic works that came maybe after the 10 CE. This is only my hunch.

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