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Sayanacharya cites Gaudapada Karika

While commenting on the Narayana Suktam, while explaining what is meant by ‘hrdayam’, says that it is the mind and adds: तेन च मनसा स्वप्नवत्सर्वमिदं जगत् कल्पितम् [by that mind the entire world is imagined just as a dream] and cites a portion of a verse:

मनोमूलमिदं द्वैतं यत्किञ्चित्सचराचरम् ।  [all duality that is the moving and the stationary has its source in the mind] and says: इति सम्प्रदायविद्भिरुक्तत्वात् [since it is stated by the ‘knowers of the (vedanta) tradition.]  This verse is found in the Gaudapada Karika 3rd chapter (Advaita prakaranam) with a slight variation:
मनोदृश्यमिदं द्वैतं यत्किञ्चित्सचराचरम् । [ 3.31 ] [Shankara has taken this verse in his commentary as  दृश्यं मनोदृश्यम् इदं द्वैतं..]
It is also noteworthy the epithet Sayanacharya uses for the author of that verse:  सम्प्रदायविद्भिः…is found in the Brahma Sutra Bhashya too where Shankara has cited two Karika-s in different places, one from the first chapter (Agamaprakaranam) and the other from the third chapter thereof.  In both places Shankara’s words are   तथा च सम्प्रदायविदो वदन्ति .
Sayana, in this commentary for the Narayana Suktam uses the terms   ‘jagadupaadaanam, adhiShThAnam, and ‘all this world is a superimposition in Narayana’..on several occasions showing that the ‘Narayana’ of this suktam is Nirguna Brahman.
Om Tat Sat

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