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‘Sureshwara Samvatsara’ – A Kannada daily ‘Calendar’

Noted Vedanta Vidwan Sri K.G.Subraya Sharma of Bangalore, has brought out a very useful ‘Calendar’ in Kannada with the title ‘Sureshwara Samvatsara’. One has the treat of savoring one verse of Sureshwaracharya with word-meaning and essential purport, on each day of the year. Although it is dated on each page, the utility of the book is not restricted to the year.

He has used verses from five works of Sureshwaracharya:
  1. Naishkarmyasiddhi
  2. Brihadaranyaka Bhashya Vartika
  3. Taittiriya Bhashya Vartika
  4. Manasollasa on the Dakshinamurti stotram of Shankaracharya
  5. Panchikarana Vartika on the Panchikaranam of Shankaracharya
The book contains a brief note on each of the above works.  At the beginning the author has given a list of 366 verses and their purport in short, as an index.  Inside the book, each page contains a more detailed summary of each verse.
The book is printed well and priced at Rs.250. It (and the other books mentioned below) can be obtained from the author. Two phone numbers are provided: 080 2639 6786. Mobile: 98862 81622. email id:
In the past years the author had brought out books on a similar concept:
  1. Shankara samvatsara
  2. Vedanta samvatsara
  3. Gita samvatsara
  4. Subhashita samvatsara
A very commendable concept and effort indeed. The book, the author says at the beginning, could be useful for a variety of people such as sadhakas, teachers, researchers, common people, etc.

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