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Four useful pocket books on Mind Management Techniques

Sri S.K.Jayakumar (who is a member in Advaita l) is a very resourceful person residing in Bengaluru. After he lost his eyesight a few years ago, he sprung into action to acquire several skills that completely raised him above the setback the disability could let in.

He has a lively multi-session yoga class at home where several persons, young and old, men and women attend. He has combined Bhagavadgita with the classes and has now brought out a four-volume pocket size booklet titled ‘Mind Management Techniques’:
  1.  Guidance for Growth and improvement
  2. Success Stimulators and Achievers’ Guide
  3. Source of Solutions to any problem
  4. Enhance Happiness and Enrich your Life
All these are compilations by Sri Jayakumar, who has behind him a rich spiritual learning and practice under the guidance and blessings of (late) HH Swami Dayananda Saraswati. He is an ardent student of Vedanta and Swami Paramarthananda ji’s recorded classes have been his forte. He has thousands of hours of recordings with him. His website is:
I browsed through the above booklets and found the material to be well presented. He has refrained from filling the books with scriptural quotations but has presented the crucial message of the Upanishads in language that appeals to the thinking mind. One can contact him through the website and get more details about the above booklets and other activities.
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