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Message from the Mahopanishat

An article on the above topic is available here for download:

Om Tat Sat


  1. You have mentiond about the fourteen Purushas out of which five are (Five Brahman-s: Brahmā, Viṣṇu, Rudra, Īśāna, Sadāśiva). But the sanskrit verses does talk about only 14. It doesn’t mention about Brahmā, Viṣṇu, Rudra, Īśāna, Sadāśiva. My question is when you say Narayana is the consciousness. But when Brahma’s presence and Shiva’s presence have been given originating from Narayana, Vishnu’s presence should also be given right, he being the one among the trinity. That makes Vishnu to be actually Narayana and from Vishnu came Shiva and Brahma. Also Atma Bodha and Narayana Upanishad talk about Narayana as Vaikunta Vasi. So Narayana is Vishnu. That is my understanding. I want your thoughts on this.

  2. If we take Narayana to be Consciousness, the trimurtis are his manifestations. Also read Kalidasa’s verse in the Kumarasambhava that I have cited in another article: Each of the Trimurtis obtain a position of Supremacy while the rest two are subsidiary. This order is not static; it keeps alternating. Basically the three are not different from each other. Shankara has cited such verses in the Vishnu Sahasra nama bhashya.

  3. Ok.

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