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Shuklayajurveda Seminar – a few audios
There were several talks by various participants in the seminar held in Bengaluru on 18 and 19 April, 2017.  I had occasion to record (audio only) a few of these. If and when a comprehensive recording is available from the sponsors, it will be shared here.

I have uploaded the following talks (no videos) of speakers at the above event:
Vidvan-s Sarvaśrī:
Bṛhadaranyaka Upanishad:
Mani Dravid Sastri – Sanskrit (Ajātaśatru Brāhmanam)
M.L.Narasimhamurthi – Kannada (Maitreyi Brahmanam)
A.V.Nagasampige – Kannada (Select mantras – upadeśa-s)
 Ishavasyopanishad –
Ganesha Ishvara Bhatta – Kannada
Vaidika vyakarana:
B.V.Venkataramana –  – Kannada
Svara visheshas –
Ravindra Ambadas Muley –  Sanskrit
Shuklayajurveda – Bṛhadaranyaka Upanishad – one mantra chanting by vedic scholars.
The file containing the above can be downloaded here:
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