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Was Achyuta Prekṣa an Advaitin?
An article on the above topic is available for download:


  1. नमश्शिवायोम्। 🙏🏼

    I came to know that madhva maṭhāḥ have शिवलिङ्गम्, but they don’t don bhasmam & also it seems that they keep the Śāligrāma on top of शिवलिङ्गम्, this is inferred by them as tāratamya paratvam (hierarchy).
    It seems that they cast down the शिवनिर्माल्यम् (शिवोच्छिष्टद्रव्यम्), The remains of an offering to शिवः, such as flowers, naivedyam
    So much of their hatred! What is the point of worshipping a शिवलिङ्गम् by them if they have such kind of hatred?
    Will they worship any deity by placing Śāligrāma on top of that deity? On deties such as hanumān & so on?
    What is the point of placing Śāligrāma on top of शिवलिङ्गम् when विष्णुः itself has a part in शिवलिङ्गम्?
    These people are so silly!

    • Shaligram on top of Shiv ling? What are you implying? Where is this done? You’re speculation is on another level.

      • This is a regular practice in Madhwas: place a saligrama on Shivalinga.

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