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Ramanuja 1000 – A ‘tribute’ from his ‘humble’ followers

A short article on the above topic is available here for download:

Om Tat Sat



  1. Sri Vaishnavas proudly proclaim Ramanuja Bhasya on Brahma Sutras was christened SriBhasya by Devi Saraswati Herself! Did Sharadamba really approve of the abuses Ramanuja hurled on Shankara Bhagavatpada (Shiva in reality)?

    Kind Regards

    • You know, for them at times ‘Saraswati’ will mean Lakshmi! Only when it comes to menial jobs ‘Saraswati’ will mean the popular entity!!

  2. Namaste dear Sri Subbu ji,

    Very well written. That is the kind of double standards all the vaishnavaites follow. 🙂

    They call Shiva specific puranas as tamasic and if they find any paragraph within that purana singing Vishnu’s praise, they would not be ashamed to steal that portion for their use. For such areas they put an excuse – “even tamasik puranas have some amount of satva in them here and there”. LOL.

    So, this kind of circus is not strange. 😉

    • Very true!

  3. Right from Ramanuja on (and perhaps before that) Southern Vaishnavism has been based on dvesha. I can understand immature folks like the narayanastra blog owners going on and on about the Ganga ending up in “Sankar jata” from Vishnu’s foot – but even the Tamil vaishnavic literature from alwars et al makes much of it.

    The hate these folks are holding on to is quaint and will be gone in one or two generations – but in the mean time it is fun to sport with them and make smoke come out of their ears. – for example the auto-correct at this blog suggests “slavishness” instead of “vaishnavism” 🙂

  4. Those bloggers failed utterly in making ‘early’ Advaitins bigots like themselves. They relied on a ‘Puttur Swami’ who had little knowledge of Advaita. First they proclaimed ‘Vishnu is Supreme Brahman as per All prominent Acharyas’. Over the years they realized this claim is not true with Shankaracharya since they learnt the deity Vishnu is only anātmā and abrahma as per Shankara and only Nirguna Brahman is what is Supreme Brahman. A major climbdown indeed. Now they have settled for ‘Vishnu alone is saguna brahman’ for ‘early advaita’, which is also not founded on any bhashya of Shankara. For Shankara, the deity vishnu is anya-devatā, devatāntara. Any deity other than the nirguna atman of the jiva is anya according to Shankara’s comment on the Kenopanishat 1.5. An upāsya is devatāntara for Shankara. ‘Devatā’ for Shankara in this context means only the Pure Consciousness. The concept of saguna brahman is technical in Advaita and Shankara specifies only chaturmukha brahma’s as saguna brahma loka where upāsaka-s go to for krama mukti. So the claims of these bloggers are based on complete misunderstanding and is therefore laughable.

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