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The Maṇimañjarī Pramāṇa for Early Advaitins’ Bhasmadhāraṇam

An article on the above topic is available here for download:


  1. Insufferable is the politest word to describe the mentality of Madhvas. Looks like they needed to demonize Adi Shankara to propagate their school of Vedanta. Inspite of all the bile and vitriol they have not made any headway. Beyond a small following near Udupi they have gotten nowhere.

    • Hahaha, I think you might’ve forgotten non devotional, कृष्णापराधः ISKCON, as illiterate gauḍīyās claim that they belongs to this notorious filthy group.

      I’m 100% sure if madhva knows about acintya bhedābhedaḥ, immediately he’ll start demonizing caitanyaḥ beyond any doubt. madhva has never ever accepted abhedaḥ expecting विष्णोः अवताराः (In their terms) that’s the reason why madhva himself has accepted his students performing bhāskara nindā (a भेदाभेदी) which is generally present at the end of their so called madhva’s commentary to the gītā, therefore beyond any doubt madhva would definitely demonize caitanya & also the acintya bhedābhedaḥ & all other 6 godāsas etc.

      We know that in the so called vedārtha saṅgrahaḥ, rāmānujaḥ has told ब्रह्माज्ञानपक्षादपि पापीयानयं भेदाभेदपक्षः (he has considered bhedābheda is more sinful than vedāntaḥ aka advaitam)

      I have quoted rāmānuja because none of these people encourages the thought of bhedābhedaḥ, acintya bhedābhedaḥ

      It’s needless to say about certain mādhvāḥ, they can never sleep without performing jagadguru-nindā/Śiva-Śaṅkara nindā
      It’s kaliyugaḥ, I think even we’ll have to stop considering these non devotional people.

      P.S.: You have previously asked me has kūrma purāṇam mentioned that in kaliyugaḥ people performs Śiva-nindā or not. Yes it’s told that, at the end of kali, brāhmaṇāḥ themselves performs Śiva-nindā, but even before, these mādhvāḥ have started their as usual nindā business.

      ओन्नमश्शिवाय​। 🙏🏼

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