Posted by: adbhutam | November 20, 2016


Sudarshana Chakra and Bhasma are Thick Friends!

// As a way of conveying the message that both ‘Hari’ and ‘Siva’ are the same, pujas are performed to ‘Sudarshana Chakra’ with ‘Vibhuti’, which is distributed as ‘prasadam’ to devotees at the temple in the evenings.//
In this temple dedicated to Viṣṇu in the form of Sri Sundararaja Perumāḷ, everyday, in the evenings, the Sudarśana Chakra is placed in Bhasma (vibhūti) and several hymns are chanted: Viṣṇusahasra nāma, Lakṣṁī stotram, Kubera, Dhanvantari and Sudarśana – and the vibhūti is distributed to devotees as prasādam. People believe that this vibhūti is a panacea to diseases. The Vibhūti prasada is given out by the Temple in deference to the conviction that Hari and Hara are non-different.
Om Tat Sat


  1. Sudarshana Chakra originated from the One that adorns bhasma. In Srirangam where he has a separate sannidhi, priests describe him as Trinetram.

    • Thanks Arun. I think ‘Trinetram’ is a form of (Chakrapani) Vishnu only as per a publication.

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