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Selections from Parāśaropapurāṇa
The file containing the selections does not have translations. However, I have given titles to selected bunches of verses to indicate what those verses say, in a nutshell.
The file on the above topic can be downloaded from this link:
Om Tat Sat


  1. namaste dear Subbu ji,

    I would humbly suggest you to continue posting the full article on your blog the way you used to do earlier. Embedding a link to a PDF hosted in mediafire, would skip the content for google’s indexing and search results. let’s say some seeker tries to locate a verse that you have already presented in your article, he/she wouldn’t get the results in google because it is not present in open text anywhere. Only those who know your works would remember to download the PDF and then locate the desired verse.

    I think by your PDF uploads, the valuable information that you share, is getting hidden from the world. Only those who have subscribed to you via your blog/forums would get the notifications and only if they download they would be able to read. For general masses who don’t know you, would remain unaware of these articles totally.

    I do understand the efforts that would take to design, present and publish in a blog, and agree that it is tiresome, and it is quicker to simply author in word document and make it PDF and upload. But the larger goal of the writer being always to get the work reach the seeker, hence I thought to post this suggestion.

    I might not have been able to stand in your shoes while thinking of this suggested point, hence I might have not seen the shortcomings that you see with this approach, so kindly forgive me if this suggestion is invalid. _/|\_

    • Dear Santosh,

      Thanks for your suggestion. Actually I encounter difficulty in copying and pasting images on this blog. I use images from various old texts in my articles and they do not get copied in the blog (from my word file). Hence I desisted from posting entire articles on the blog and decided to give only the URL for the pdf uploaded elsewhere. If I am able to circumvent this problem I can happily post the entire articles with images too on the blog.

      But in those articles where I have not used images, I can, as you suggest, paste the entire article on the blog so that readers can see all the verses there.

      warm regards

      • //Seems earlier comment didn’t get posted so sending again//

        Namaste dear Subbu ji,

        Yes, got it now. True, images cannot be copy-pasted on the wordpress editor. That’s a pain. The only way is to save images / screenshots as jpeg files in your computer, upload them to the wordpress gallery and use the pic in the post. It is a bit time taking but the only way.

        The following link explains the procedure.

        Further, found that there is a wordpress desktop app also available (i wasn’t aware of this earlier, just found out). I believe it would allow working on it as like as MS Word does. So, please see if this app helps.


      • Thanks. I shall try it out.

  2. Where can I download the Upa-Puranas in English?

  3. Where can I download the Upa-Puranas in English

  4. I have no idea. One must make a rigorous search. I would advise you to join the Bharatiya Vidwat Parishad, a google group, and pose questions. There are people who will help.

  5. Ok. Thanks

    • Check this link: Parashar Upapurana Critical Edition Dr. Kapiladev Tripathi : वैयाकरण खसूची : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive Though I have not seen an English translation.

  6. Ok Thanks.

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