Posted by: adbhutam | October 21, 2016


‘Tryambakam yajāmahe…’ etc

A short article featuring the above mantra and some others, is available here:


  1. In Agni Purana too, Mrityunjaya mantra is found to be mentioned in the context of Shiva.

    अग्निपुराणम्/अध्यायः ८१
    मृत्युञ्जयो मृत्युजित्स्याद्वृद्धिः स्यात्तिलहोमतः ।८१.०५२
    रुद्रशान्तिः सर्वशान्त्यै अथ प्रस्तुतमुच्यते ॥८१.०५२

    • Thanks for this valuable input.

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