Posted by: adbhutam | August 17, 2016


‘Shiva the Upaniṣadic Supreme Brahman’

An article on the above topic is available here for download:

Om tat sat


  1. Sir, where has Shankaracharya quoted this?

    रुिो नारायणश्चैव सत्त्वमेकं द्ववर्ा कृिम्। लोके चरति कौतिेय व्यन्क्िमथं सवधकमधसु।। 12-350-27

    • Shankaracharya has not cited this verse anywhere. It is a verse of Mahabharata.

  2. You have mentioned “Shankara, by quoting from the Mahabharata,” in this article. What did Shankaracharya quote from Mahabharata?

    • A certain verse cited by Shankara in Brahma sutra bhashya 2.1.1: ‘अतश्च संक्षेपमिमं शृणुध्वं नारायणः सर्वमिदं पुराणः । स सर्गकाले च करोति सर्वं संहारकाले च तदत्ति भूयः’ was claimed by someone as from the Mahabharata. In keeping with that I had mentioned that Shankara had cited from the MB.

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