Posted by: adbhutam | August 11, 2016

The terms ‘Parmārtha’ and  ‘bhrānti’ in Vishnu purāṇam

In the Viṣṇu purāṇam is a verse which reads:

ज्ञानस्वरूपमत्यन्तनिर्मलं परमार्थतः ।
तमेवार्थस्वरूपेण भ्रान्तिदर्शनतः स्थितम् ॥1.2.6॥
The above verse says that ‘That Supreme Truth is immensely pure Consciousness. However, owing to the deluded vision of the seer, it appears to be of a variegated nature.’
This appearing of the One-only Truth as many is due to bhrama, misconception/error. Hence there cannot be the objection: If Brahman itself transforms into the world, then on the rule that the one that undergoes transformation, vikāra, will perish at a future time, Brahman cannot be eternal/real.
The reply is that since Brahman is appearing as the world only owing to the deluded vision, no such objection can be raised. For a rope to be mistaken for a snake, there is no need for the rope to undergo any vikāra.
Shankaracharya has cited this verse in his commentary to the name ‘pramāṇam’ (949) occurring in the Viṣṇu sahasra nāma.

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