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‘Sankararum-Vaiṇavamum’ – ஓர் விமர்சனம்

‘Sankararum-Vaiṇavamum’ – Or vimarśanam

An Tamil article titled ‘சங்கரரும்-வைணவமும்’ – ஓர் விமர்சனம் is available in this location:

The article points out the mistaken ideas the author of the Tamil booklet ‘Sankararum-Vaiṇavamum’ has put forward to claim a relationship between Shankaracharya and vaiśṇavism. Since it is in Tamil, the present article is also in the same language.


  1. Is the book authored by a DV Sadagopan? I chanced upon his equally funny commentary on Rudram.

    • No, Arun, the book is authored by a scholar by name ‘Krishnaswamy Iyengar’ also known as ‘Puttur Swami.’ You will find his name in the pdf to which I have given the link in the article.

    • This satagopan is a piece of work, alright. From Amazon

      ” As a Sri VaishNavan and a Prapannan totally committed to Kaayika , Vaachika and Maanasa Kaimkaryams to Sriman NaarAyaNan , I have been moved by the Prapatti made by Sri Rudran to His Supreme Master , Sriman NarAyaNan in the Mantra Raaja Padha StOtram and in AhirBudhnya Samhita .Lord Sri Rudra-Sivan is recognized and revered as a Parama Bhaagavta , Prapannan and a Sarvajn~an by ParamaikAnti Sri VaishNavaas including Swamy Desikan . Sri Rudran emphasises in His SaraNAgathi that He is a dhAsabhUtan (liege) of Sri Lakshmi Narasimhan .”

      Now Lord Siva destroyed Narasimha and uses his skin as a rug – so only severe mental illness caused by inbreeding can explain this kind of sri-vaisnava non-sense.

      His bio says he had a pretty decent career in the U.S.

      • All that is countered by Krishna’s statements in the Mahabharata and Harivamsha when he performed penance to seek boons for progeny from Shiva. The Drona Parva also very clearly details the penance of Narayana and boons he got from Shiva for all glory that Narayana is enjoying. Of course, all these being unpalatable to the Vaishnavas,is weakly set aside as ‘interpolation, tāmasa, etc.’ Sridhara Swamin has said: Shiva and Vishnu are Supreme Lords, are the selves of each other, they love to praise each other. Always one can see such statements only from Vedantins such as Veda Vyasa, Shankara, Sureshwara, Sridhara Swamin, etc. Never are such words coming out of Vaishnavas, who are clearly outside the pale of Vedanta as per Shankara, Madhusudana, etc.

    • unfortunately – even adi sankara sounds like a bigoted iyengar in the karavalamba stotram:

      Brahmendra, Rudra Arka kireeta koti,

      Sangattithangri kamala mala kanthi kantha,

      Lakshmi lasath kucha saroruha raja hamsa,

      Lakshmi Nrsimha Mama Dehi Karavalambam. 2

      Oh Great God Lakshmi Nrsimha,

      Whose feet is touched by the crowns ,

      Of Brahma, Indra, Shiva and Sun,

      Whose shining feet adds to his effulgence,

      And who is the royal swan playing,

      Near the breasts of Goddess Lakshmi,

      Please give me the protection of your hands.

      • This is not strange with Shankara. In Shivananda lahari he has alluded to the episode of Brahma and Vishnu searching in vain the limits of Shiva: lingodbhava, more than once. In Soundarya lahari he has held Vishnu, Brahma, etc. to be vanishing in pralaya when Shiva and Shakti alone remain. In Ganesha pancharatnam he has shown Ganapati as the Supreme; so also in Subrahmanya bhujangam.

  2. The two haters at Narayanastra blog think of this man as Ramanuja re-incarnated – but he was as hateful in the 21st century as kalki imagined way back in the past with his character “alvarkadiyan” in ponniyin chelvan.

    • I agree with you about the author of that Tamil book ‘Sankararum Vainavamum’. His conclusions about Shankaracharya and his idea about ‘Vishnu’, ‘devatāntara’, etc. are completely flawed. However, regarding the character ‘Āzhvārkkaḍiyān’ in Ponniyin Selvan, even though Kalki first portrayed him to be a belligerent man with a club in hand, just later he is shown as a man full of devotion to the Lord. One can learn many a lesson from the devotional fervor of the man.

  3. I had a profound insight.

    The puranic Vishnu/Krishna/Rama are kshatriyas who are constantly fighting and killing adharmic people.

    But as far as I can tell the Rig Vedic Vishnu doesn’t use weapons and is only shown as a junior ally of Indra who is supreme in the Rig Veda.

    This lends support to Western view that the Rig Vedic Vishnu is mostly the Sun – giving a simple explanation to his “three strides”.

    On the other hand, the Rig Vedic Rudra is clearly anthropomorphic, uses weapons and is clearly the pre-cursor of the Upanishadic and Puranic Siva.

    If this gets validated, then it has profound ramifications.

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