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Copied below is a post that appeared in another forum:
(There are some photos too in the above link)
//Hari Om,

I am extremely happy to announce the launch of the first Android Application on Shree Shankaracharya. This application is developed as an attempt to propagate the life history, teachings, glory and achievements of Shree Shankaracharya.


As soon as the development of the application was completed, it was submitted before Jagadguru Shankaracharya Shree Bharathi Tirtha Mahasvamiji. He was extremely happy to see the application. He examined some of the contents of the application very carefully. He also gave valuable feedback which have been duly updated. At the end, he was very happy and blessed wholeheartedly. Jagadguru Vidhusekhara Bharathi Mahaswamiji too examined the contents of the application. He was also very happy to see the work and graced the work with his complete blessings.
I offer humble prostrations to Shree V. Subramaniam and to  Shree S.S. Subrahmanya for providing complete support and guidance throughout the course of development of this application.

I request all the interested seekers to download, for free, this application using the link given below and contribute in fulfilling the motto of the application. Seekers are advised to first study “Know about Shree Shankara” section and then take up the Quiz part. Links are also provided for accessing various materials related to the works of Shree Shankara and Vedanta.

Kindly also forward this message and the link to your friends and relatives through all the available media including the ones like FB and Whats App.
Link to download the application:


Om Tat Sat

Pramod Bharadwaj  //


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