Posted by: adbhutam | July 6, 2015


A new article with the above title is available for download here:

You may read the article and also share it with your friends, other websites and institutions.

Om Tat Sat



  1. That’s a very enlightening paper. I have read it and hence say that this is a masterpiece research which refutes all the false things in very detail and clarifies all the doubts that may arise in the minds of the readers.

    Someone (Napoleon?) rightly said something like “The country is oppressed not by the violence of the bad people but by the silence of the good people”.

    The biggest problem is that those authors write so much of content labelled with so many names from the traditional icons that a layman would surely be taken for a ride because –
    1. No one usually have such levels of knowledge to perceive whether whatever is being stated is ‘actually’ stated in the same spirit by the original person whose name is being tagged with?
    2. No one would usually be so much interested to actually go and research in the original works (which are voluminous hence repelling) and validate the thesis of these authors before accepting what they say.
    3. Due to lack of Sanskrit knowledge no body would usually try to put efforts to validate the extracts what they translate

    So, because of the aforementioned three primary limitations I believe even an average advaitin learner too would get confused and newbies would nearly convinced; then what to speak of the normal unwary gullible common readers??

    Therefore, your tireless efforts and your persistence in upholding the true spirit of advaita and the representing the true import of the works of all those traditionalists whom they misquote on purpose – are worth a sAshTAnga-namaskAra! True to your name, when there have emerged two ‘asuras’ blocking all sadhakas from the path towards ‘tAraka’, – debunking the illusions of such ‘tArakAsura-s’ your article like the velayudha has cleared all the confusions.

    Your paper has covered all points in a 360 degree view. Although this can not open their eyes since they aren’t sleeping but pretending yet this article would prove a great savior for the general readers from getting misled.

    To conclude – it is an excellent thesis citing correct references and meanings showing original citations with screenshots of Sanskrit works.

  2. Thanks Santosh ji, for your nice words.


  3. Very enlightening write up. Our dear Vishnu needs to be shielded from R brand vaishnavas.
    Is Ramanuja an avatar of Shesha as claimed by Vaishnavas? Patanjali was indeed Shesha. I can never imagine Shesha spewing venom on Shiva.


  4. Dear Arun,

    When bigotry blinds a person’s intellect there is no limit to what extent one can go to give expression it.


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