Posted by: adbhutam | November 12, 2013


In the URL  given below one can download a write up consisting of responses to some observations made by (late) Sri Vidyamanya Tirtha, of the Madhva following. The write up is in English with quotations in Sanskrit along with translation in English:


  1. What are these people sir. Earlier they called him a demon,then said that lord shiva incarnated to delude the demons. Such answers aren’t accepted by present people ,hence now they call him a dvaitain, Vaishnava etc. Nobody has matched shankaracharya, vivekananda in the name they created for themselves. That’s why they are trying to mix them into dvaita. We all know what words these people used on shankaracharya. Who can forget that. They abused him severely, even athiests were not attacked that severely. Now they say he is also a dvaitan. What nonsense

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