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Jagadguru Sri Shankaracharya is the bright star that illumined the fields

of Dharma (righteous conduct) and AdhyAtma (spirituality) of our nation.

At a time when the people of our nation had been enveloped by a

self-forgetfulness and it appeared as if our sanatana dharma itself would

fade into oblivion Shankara Bhagavatpada descended on this land and taught

the true purport of the Vedas and Upanishads and established on firm ground

the Vaidika Dharma.  With a view to ensure that His most painstakingly

accomplished work continues to yield its fruit to mankind He instituted the

AmnAya pITha-s that can safeguard Dharma.


The Temples and the practice of worship there, the samskaras that we

perform from jAtakarma onwards, the observance of vrata-s and upavAsa-s

that we witness today is the fruit of Bhagavatpada’s endeavor.  To put it

succinctly, the dhArmic and AdhyAtmic life of we the BhArateeya-s is the

very contribution of Acharya Shankara.  Whenever we commence any dhArmic

activity it is our bounden duty to remember our Adya Acharya and pay our

gratitude to Him. On the occasion of His Jayanthi it would but be fitting

for us to reminisce His illustrious Life,  study HIs canonical works and

recite His stotra-compositions and thereby make ourselves worthy of His

grace. This indeed would be the best way of observing the Shankara Jayanthi

year after year.


‘ko guruH? adhigatatattvaH, shiShyahitAya udyataH satatam.’

को गुरुः ? [Who is a Guru?] अधिगततत्त्वः, शिष्यहिताय उद्यतः सततम् [He who has Realized the Truth and always strives for the supreme welfare of the disciple.] (Shankara in the Prashnottara ratnamAlikA)

Sri Shankara Jayanthi Programme
As part of extended Shankara Jayanthi observations sponsored by Sri
Sringeri Sharada Peetham, Sringeri, and with the blessings of Jagadguru
Shankaracharya His Holiness Sri Sri Bharathi Theertha Mahaswamiji, a
satsang will be held with a discourse on

Sri Shankara’s Stotra Sahitya
in Kannada

Prof. K. S. Kannan
Sanskrit Vidwan
Musical rendering Sri Shankara’s devotional compositions: Ms. H. R. Meera.
Venue: Residence of Sri B. V. Rangarao
#217, ‘Sri Sharada Krupa’, 6th Main, 7th Cross, Tatanagar, Bangalore 560092
Contact: 9972850570, 9741156023, 080-23414814
Date & Time: May 06, 2012, Sunday, 4:00 PM.
Kindly take part in the satsang and receive the blessings of Jagadguru Sri

Profile of the Speaker:
Prof. K. S. Kannan is a Sanskrit Vidwan and has got a doctorate in Sanskrit
literature. He has taught Sanskrit for graduate and undergraduate students
and has presented papers in National and International seminars,
conferences. He has authored more than a dozen books on topics related to
Sanskrit language, literature and Philosophy. He has been awarded
Vidyanidhi – a title conferred for academic excellence (2007), Sanskrit
Year Award – an award given to the best Sanskrit Essay (2000) and
International Merit Award (1991).

Pl. download the program details/Handout from the post appearing here:


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