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Teachers’ Training Course


Samskrit Language Teaching Course



02 – 05 – 2012 to 14 – 05 – 2012



Vagdevi Vilasa School, Munnekolalu, Marathahalli, Bangalore 560037

(From Majestic Buses 333 A, B C, D, Platform 17)


By Samskrita Bharathi

Mobile: Shri Lakshminarayana 80502 50829



1. Teachers’ Training Course


  • Uninterrupted Exposure To Samskrit
  • Demonstration And Training For Conducting Sambhashana 

Shibhiram – Spoken Samskrit Course

  • Thought On Working For Samskritam In The Society
  • Familiarization Of Projects In The Field Of Samskritam
  • Guidance From Experts In Various Fields
  • Road Shows, Public Contacts, “Shobha Yatra” –

Much More

  • Exposure To The Entire Ambit Of Samskrita Projects
  • Preview Of What Each One Can Do In His / Her Area




Samskrita Teachers, Samskrita University Students, Persons Capable Conversing in Samskritam.


Special Information:


Participants to Teachers’ Training course should conduct Conversation camps after this Course. Material for that purpose is available at Rs 350 per kit.



2. Language Teaching Course


  • Practice to overcome the impediments in Conversation.
  • Accuracy of Language
  • Teaching of Grammar
  • Group Exercises
  • Thoughts on Correcting and improving one’s own language. Knowledge of things to be done to developing the Samskrit and the Country as a whole.




Students of Correspondence Courses, Students of Gitashiksha Kendra or those, who have learnt Samskrit for a few months.


Special Information:


All Rules that apply to Teachers’ Training Course also apply here.

Persons older than 50 years are not allowed.

No entry for those attempting Samskritam for the first time.


General Information:


There will be a preliminary test before admission to either of the Courses.

Those willing to participate in the Courses should reach the venue before Meals

          on 02-05-2012. They will be able to return to their respective places after

         Meals on 14-02-2012.

Participants will bear the expenses to reach the venue and back home.

Boarding and Lodging Facilities are arranged at the venue

Course Fee: Rs 410.

Participants will have to buy Learning Material worth Rs 200 at the Venue.

          Information on what to buy will be provided at the venue.

Bedding, Clothes and other daily Requirement are to be brought by the

        Participants themselves.

Infants and small Children Should not be brought.

Full time attendance is compulsory. Going out is totally prohibited.

Prior Permission for Admission to the Courses is essential.

 Gentlemen shall wear white dhoti (‘Veshti’) and Women shall wear saris.

Subscription for “Sambhashana Sandesha” for one year is free for Course



For further enquiries, if needed,


Mrs Keerthi Adiga:       +91-98455 67964
Shri Shivaprasaad:      +91-97422 17098       

S. Chakrapani:             +91-89718 98466

RAJARAMAMURTHY   +91-93412 60903

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