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Reproduced below is a post giving details of a workshop on the Vivekachudamani and Nyaya darshana.  All the Indian darshanas will be covered in special lectures.

Here is a rare opportunity for the persons interested in Advaita-vedanta and Nyaya.

Poornaprajna Samshodhana Mandiram, Bangalore, recognised by Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, Delhi has arranged a workshop in this regard. I have been asked by the Director Dr. A V Nagasampige to forword this message to the BVP.

I personally suggest that people around Bangalore should seriously consider this opportunity.


Workshop on Viveka-chudamani & Nyaya-siddhanta-muktavali (Shabda-khanda)

The Poornaprajna Samshodhana Mandiram has organised workshop on Viveka-chudamani & Nyaya-siddhanta-muktavali (Shabda-khanda) from 1st to 10th November 2011.

Prof. Subbarayudu, the Registrar of Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, New Delhi, will inaugurate the workshop on 1st November at 8.30 a.m.

H.H. Sri Vishveshatirtha Swamiji will participate in Valedictory Function on 10th November at 4-00 p.m. H.H. Sri Swamiji will belss the occasion and deliver Certificates to the participants.

Following eminent scholars will teach the subjects.


1. Prof. Ramakrishna Bhat, Kerala 1-11-2011 to 5-11-2011

2. Prof. D. Prahlada Char 6-11-2011 to 10-11-2011

3. Prof. A. Haridasa Bhat Every day 2-30 to 3-30 p.m.

Viveka-chudamani –

1. Vidwan Ananta Sharma Bhuvanagiri (1 to 267 Shlokas) 1-11-2011 to 4-11-2011

2. Prof. V. Kutumba Sastry (268 to 420 Shlokas) 5-11-2011 to 7-11-2011

3. Vidwan Subrahmanya Bhat (421 to 581 Shlokas) 8-11-2011 to 10-11-2011

Details of Programme

1-11-2011 Inaugural Session 8-30am to 9-30am

Everyday morning classes 9-00 to 10-30 & 10-45 to 12-15 (10-30 to 10-45 Tea break)

Afternoon classes 2-30 to 3-30 (3-30 to 3-45 Tea break)

Special lectures by eminent scholars.3-45 to 5-00

Special Lecture Programme

1-11-2011 Prof. Subbarayudu Advaita Darshana

2-11-2011 Prof. Ranganath Sanskrit Language in present days.

3-11-2011 Dr. A.V. Nagasampige Vishishtadvita Darshanam

4-11-2011 Vidwan Vijayasimha C.V. Yoga Darshnam

5-11-2011 Prof. K. Vishwanatha Shastry Sankhya Shastram

6-11-2011 Prof. K.E. Devanathan Purva Mimamsa Shastram

7-11-2011 Dr. Ranganatha Katti Vaisheshika Darshnam

8-11-2011 Dr. Shankanarayana Adiga Nyaya Darshanam

9-11-2011 Dr. H. Satyanarayanacharya Dvaita Darshanam

15 Researchers or interested persons in each subject (Nyaya & Vedanta) are invited to workshop. Scholars can send their requisition letter for Particiapation through e-mail or personally to the following address.

Vyasaraj Joshi – Co-ordinator

Poornaprajna Samshodhana Mandiram

Poornaprajna Vidyapeetha, Katriguppa Main Road, Bangalore-28E-mail :

Accommodation will be not provided for the participants. Afternoon food will be arranged.
Dr. A.V. Nagasampige

Dr. Tirumala Kulakarni
Asst. Prof. Alankara Dept.
Poornaprajna Vidyaapeetha
Vidyapeetha Circle
Ph: +91 9448879734


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