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The second part of the exposition of the Kathopanishat is available in the following URL of the Advaita Academy:—2.ashx


//Nachiketas is a very positive-thinking boy. He has complete confidence in himself, his abilities. He cannot see himself as lagging behind. So he makes a self-assessment of himself as someone most of the time ranking highest among his classmates.  At the most he allows himself a middling position but never the back-bencher. ‘Despite my being a front-ranker my father has decided to give me away to the Lord of death. What purpose indeed of Yama does my father intend to fulfill by giving me to him? Certainly, without expecting anything in return from Yama, just in a fit of anger has my Father uttered those words of sending me away to him.’  Nachiketas sees his father is now in a repentant mood for having uttered those harsh words.  Deciding that even those words uttered by the Father should not become futile, Nachiketas addressed his Father, with a view to console him……//


//kAmaM dugdhe viprakarShatyalakShmIM
kIrtim sUte duShkRRtaM yaa hinasti
shuddhAm shAntaaM mAtaraM mangalAnAM
dhenum dhIrAH sUnRRitAm vAchamAhuH’

Speech that is embellished by truth and love yields all one’s wishes, drives away poverty, builds a reputation and prevents wrongdoings. It is the pure, placid Mother cow which yields all auspicious things.

The hyperlink to the Part 1 is available at the end of the Part 2.

Om Tat Sat


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