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Here are two books that a sincere spiritual seeker will find truly elevating:

1. Gems from the Ocean of Devotional Hindu Thought

2. Gems from the Ocean of Spiritual Hindu Thought

The path to the Spiritual goal starts from the practice of true Religion.  Religion is the platform where the mind is nourished, cultured and toned through the practice of Devotion to God.  Looking upon God as the loving guide, the provider of loving care, the benefactor and the Ultimate Goal itself is what the practice of true religion involves.  These books, a fine fabric woven of several elevating thoughts are a sure guide in the practice of true devotion to God and the Vedanta sadhana.  It is Devotion that prepares man for his spiritual journey.  In fact Devotion to God is not divorced from Spiritual pursuit; the two are not different but are only two modes that flourish and manifest in a seeker at all times and influence whoever comes in contact with that seeker.  The Ultimate goal of Devotion and the Ultimate goal of Spirituality are one and the same: the blossoming of man as a fragrant flower at the Feet of Divinity.  And Divinity is the essence of man.

Some of the titles in the two books are:

  • Gems from the Srimad Bhagavatam
  • Speak to God through Prayerful Contemplation
  • The Guru – Here are some topics dealt:  Devotion to the Guru, The Hymn to the Guru of all Gurus, Miraculous lineage of Mystic Masters, Shankara’s message of Oneness, From Kanchi Mahaswamigal’s Discourses on Advaita Sadhana and Sadashiva  Brahmendra
  • An initial exposure to the Spiritual Ascent
  • Meet the Ancient Scriptures
  • The Absolute As It Is  –  Satyam Jnanam Anantam Brahma, Difference and Non-difference
  • A Touch with the Gita

The Author:

The Author of both the books is Sri V.Krishnamurthy (b.1927) who served the Dept. of Mathematics in Thiagarajar College, Madurai, Annamalai University, University of Illinois, U.S.A and BITS, Pilani.  He was also trained systematically in the traditional Hindu scriptures and was brought up in a family which valued and lived the ideal life enshrined in the Hindu Scriptures.  In adition to a good number of lectures on Hindu scriptural literature and Vedanta, he has to his credit many books on Hinduism including:

  • Essentials of Hinduism
  • Hinduism for the Next Generation
  • The Ten Commandments of Hinduism
  • Science and Spirituality – A Vedanta Perception
  • Live Happily the Gita Way

The Books, published by Readworthy Publications P.Ltd, New Delhi, are very  elegantly brought out and artistically designed.  They are priced very affordably at Rs.399 each. Enquiries may be sent to:  Email:

The Author is known to me as a fellow-traveller in the Spiritual path.


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